Discover Palworld: Ranking the Top 9 Pal for Every Type

Step into the immersive world of Palworld, a beloved survival game where players embark on a journey to capture and breed an array of captivating creatures known as Pals. With over a hundred distinct Pals to discover, spanning nine elemental types including Ground, Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Neutral, Ice, Dragon, and Dark, each with its own set of unique abilities and characteristics. Unravel the complexities of these Pals as you strategize to overcome challenges and forge unforgettable adventures.

Ranking the Top 9 Pal for Every Type from Palworld

paladius palworld


Pal Type: Neutral

Discover the exception to the rule in Palworld: Paladius, the formidable centaur defying the norm within the Neutral Pal category. Armed with a bow and lance, Paladius boasts the remarkable Spear Thrust ability, making it a standout choice in any encounter. With the Paladius’ Saddle crafted, players can seamlessly ride atop this majestic creature, enjoying the added benefit of triple jumping while mounted. Furthermore, when stationed at a base, Paladius excels in Level 2 Mining and Lumbering tasks, solidifying its versatility and indispensability in your Palworld adventures.

Palworld - Mossanda In Paldeck Video


Pal Type: Grass

Immerse yourself in the lush world of Palworld with Mossanda, the epitome of Grass-type Pal excellence. Adorned with verdant foliage and crowned with a distinctive leaf, Mossanda embodies the quintessential image of a Grass-type companion. Don’t be fooled by its cuddly appearance—Mossanda boasts unrivaled strength with exclusive abilities like Crushing Punch and Solar Blast. When ridden, Mossanda unleashes devastating firepower with its grenade launcher, dealing significant damage to adversaries. With its impressive versatility, Mossanda seamlessly transitions between various tasks at the base, excelling in Planting, Lumbering, Handiwork, and Transporting duties. Experience the power and adaptability of Mossanda as you embark on thrilling adventures in Palworld.

anubis in palworld


Pal Type: Ground

Enter the realm of Palworld and meet Anubis, the formidable jackal-like humanoid Pal paying homage to the Egyptian God of funerals and death. Renowned for its absurd combat prowess, Anubis commands the battlefield as the revered Statue of Power. With devastating Ground Smashes, Anubis obliterates adversaries with ease, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

In battle, Anubis augments the player’s attacks with Ground-type damage, rendering them virtually unstoppable against foes. Its agility knows no bounds, swiftly evading incoming assaults with lightning-fast sidesteps. Even when stationed at the base, Anubis remains indispensable, excelling in Transporting, Mining, and Handiwork duties. Embrace the power and versatility of Anubis as you embark on thrilling adventures in Palworld.

Palworld Orserk


Pal Type: Electric

Unveil the electrifying mystery of Orserk in Palworld, where appearances can be deceiving. Despite its striking resemblance to a bipedal dragon, Orserk defies expectations as an Electric-type Pal. Harnessing the power of lightning, Orserk delivers unparalleled devastation with its formidable skills, including Tri-Lightning and Lightning Bolt. Prepare to be shocked by the sheer force of Orserk’s electrical prowess as you navigate the captivating world of Palworld.

What makes Orserk a must-have Pal is its useful partner skill that increases item drop rates when fighting Water-type Pals. Additionally, Orserk can take on jobs like Handiwork, Transporting, and Generating Electricity. It offers Level 4 Electricity Generation which is the highest compared to other Electric-type Pals in Palworld. Join forces with Orserk and unlock the full potential of your adventures as you journey through Palworld’s electrifying landscapes.

Jormuntide from Palworld


Pal Type: Water

Dive into the depths of Palworld and behold the regal presence of Jormuntide, a dual-type Pal intertwining the majestic forces of Dragon and Water elements. Aptly dubbed the Emperor of the Sea, Jormuntide reigns supreme as the pinnacle Water-type companion for players. With its azure serpentine form, Jormuntide serves not only as an exceptional water mount but also as a means for players to traverse aquatic expanses without diminishing their stamina reserves.

Beyond its unparalleled aquatic prowess, Jormuntide showcases a versatile repertoire of elemental skills, including Tri-Lightning, Hydro Laser, and Dragon Meteor. With such formidable abilities at its disposal, Jormuntide emerges as a formidable combat Pal, sought after for its pivotal role in potent breeding combinations. Prepare to unleash the full potential of Jormuntide as you embark on thrilling adventures across the enchanting landscapes of Palworld.

Jormuntide Ignis

Jormuntide Ignis

Pal Type: Fire

Jormuntide Ignis, the fiery variant of the revered Jormuntide. As another dual-type Pal boasting Dragon and Fire elements, Jormuntide Ignis blazes onto the scene with the ferocity of a Volcanic Emperor. With its towering stature and formidable stats, this fiery red dragon commands attention and respect.

In battle, Jormuntide Ignis unleashes a relentless onslaught with its immensely powerful Fire-type attacks, including Flare Storm, Fire Ball, and Dragon Meteor. With such devastating firepower at its disposal, Jormuntide Ignis emerges as an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Crafting its unique saddle grants players the privilege of riding atop Jormuntide Ignis, further enhancing their Fire attacks while mounted. Additionally, when stationed at a base, Jormuntide Ignis showcases its versatility with Level 4 Kindling abilities, solidifying its status as an invaluable member of any Pal team.

Prepare to harness the scorching power of Jormuntide Ignis as you embark on epic adventures in Palworld.

Frostallion from Palworld


Pal Type: Ice

Behold Frostallion, the legendary Ice-type Pal, inspired by the mythological Greek horse, Pegasus. With its pristine white fur and magnificent wings, Frostallion glides gracefully over the landscapes of Palpagos Island. As an insanely powerful flying mount, Frostallion boasts some of the most lethal ice attacks in the game, including Cryst Breath and Blizzard Spike.

What sets Frostallion apart is its unique ability to alter players’ attack type to Ice whenever they mount it, thereby enhancing the damage inflicted by Ice attacks while mounted. Additionally, Frostallion exhibits unparalleled versatility by excelling in Level 4 Cooling jobs, solidifying its dominance among other Ice-type Pals in Palworld.

Prepare to soar to new heights and wield the icy power of Frostallion as you traverse the wondrous realms of Palworld.

Palworld - Jetragon Paldeck Screenshot


Pal Type: Dragon

Meet Jetragon, the celestial dragon that graces the skies of Palworld with its presence. Adorned with a dull blue body and resplendent magenta wings reminiscent of a flying jet, Jetragon captivates with its unique blend of celestial prowess and mechanical finesse. Its long, airplane-like tail adds to its distinctive appearance.

But Jetragon’s allure extends beyond its striking looks; boasting unmatched stats and formidable skills such as Draconic Breath, Fire Ball, and Dragon Meteor, Jetragon solidifies its position as the premier Dragon-type Pal in Palworld.

As if its combat prowess wasn’t impressive enough, Jetragon offers an additional edge with its Missile Launcher attachment, allowing players to rain down destruction with a continuous barrage of rockets while riding on its back. Furthermore, Jetragon proves its versatility by excelling in Level 3 Gathering tasks, further cementing its status as the ultimate companion for any Palworld adventurer. Prepare to soar to new heights and unleash the full potential of Jetragon as you journey through the boundless wonders of Palworld.

Image of Necromus and Paladius in Palworld


Pal Type: Dark

Prepare to meet the ultimate Dark-type Pal in Palworld: Necromus. While players may have to wait until the culmination of their Palworld journey to acquire this magnificent creature, rest assured, the wait is well worth it. Necromus stands as the epitome of power among Dark-type Pals, ranking as one of the most formidable combat companions in the game.

Resembling its neutral counterpart Paladius, Necromus cuts an imposing figure as a centaur clad in sleek black armor, wielding a pair of crimson lances for battle. With devastating attacks like Twin Spears and Dark Laser, Necromus effortlessly dispatches foes with unmatched precision. Furthermore, Necromus possesses the rare ability to execute a double jump when mounted, further enhancing its mobility and prowess in combat.

Embrace the anticipation and prepare for the unparalleled might of Necromus as you journey through the captivating realms of Palworld.

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